Convert MendelSynth Audio Files to Ringtones for iPhone

Applications on the iPhone cannot save ringtones directly, so we must go through iTunes. The process is not complicated, but requires several steps. In a nutshell: import the audio file e-mailed from MendelSynth into iTunes; use iTunes to convert the file to ACC format; rename the ACC file’s extension from .m4a to .m4r and then add the renamed file back into iTunes. Finally, sync the iPhone to iTunes to copy over the new ringtone.

Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Save the audio file sent from MendelSynth (mendelSynth.wav) to your computer and add it to iTunes
  2. In iTunes right-click (or control-click) on the mendelSynth audio and select Get Info from the popup menu.
  3. In the info dialog on the Options tab you can adjust the volume and set the start and stop time. The interval from start to stop should be less than 40 seconds. Make the desired adjustments and click on OK.
  4. Right-click again on mendelSynth and selected Create ACC Version from the popup menu. This creates a new entry with the same name in ACC format.
  5. Drag the new ACC version to your desktop and change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r. Delete the ACC file from iTunes since you will no longer need it.
  6. Drag the mendelSynth.m4r file from the desktop to to the library in iTunes. It should now appear in the Ringtones section of the library.
  7. Sync the iPhone to iTunes and voilĂ ! The ringtone is now available on the iPhone.